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GENTLE Infant Formula w/ Iron DHA & ARA Lipids: 48 oz. powder
Compare Enfamil Gentlease Lipil (OUD)

  ($0.33 per 4 oz. bottle) 

  • Kosher
  • Simply Right Gentle Infant Formula is formulated for babies who are experiencing fussiness or gas. It features partially broken down whey
    proteins that are easy for babies to digest.
  • This formula contains 1/4 the lactose of a standard, milk-based formula & contains the lipids DHA and ARA, important nutrients found naturally in mother's milk that may promote infant mental & visual development.
  • It is fortified with iron and contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for a healthy baby's first year. It provides nutrients found naturally in mother's milk that help develop the immune system.
  • This formula is manufactured to exacting FDA standards by PBM Nutritionals in the only ISO 9001:2000-certified, infant formula manufacturing facility in the United States.

48 oz. canister of powder yields 87 servings of formula (4 oz. each).
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